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Seeker is one of the leading suppliers of mobile, switch and transmission telecom equipment in the world.




Founded in 2004, SEEKER has become one of the leading suppliers of mobile, switch and tansmission telecom equipment in the worldSEEKER provides the best telecommunication network equipment and helps our customers maintain the network with cost-efficient solutions.

Seeker offers a wide variety of services that enable network operators to understand their telecom network assets at today and future’s market values.

Network valuation

Test and network maintenance

Seeker provides equipment test and health check for wireless, wire-line, and data networking infrastructures to customers, helping them achieve optimal network performance for the lowest cost.

Network asset disposition

Seeker Telecom offers a wide variety of services that allow network operators to regain control and maximize the value of their assets by handling all aspects of reconfiguration, redeployment and disposition.

In the process of maintaining the equipment, users do not have sufficient telecom spare parts. In urgent need of spare parts, the logistics supplier's solution needs timely response.

Telecom spare parts management




China Mobile Launches Large-scale 5G Tests in 17 Cities
2019-01-22 21:05
ChinaMobileLaunchesLarge-scale5GTestsin17CitiesRecently,China MobileheldtheLaunchingCeremonyofLarge-scale5GTestsandApplicationDemonstrations,atwhichitannouncedthatitwillstartcommercial5Gtestsontheworl
Four major predictions in the communications industry: 5G speed will be 100 times faster than 4G
2018-10-24 18:22
The annual communication show is the time for the industry to release future trends.
China Mobile plans to build a million 4G network next year.
2018-10-24 18:25
China Mobile's 4G strategy: 4G network with a million base stations will be built next year.


Many areas of telecom operators' business are already well-established markets, so operators' management is increasingly focused on cost control. 

For utilities to meet the expectations of customers and regulators. We can help you transform the network infrastructure with our network infrastructure solutions...



The data center

Driven by the digitization of government and enterprise services, data centers are developing rapidly. 

SEEKER telecom network education domain

SEEKER can provide a teaching management platform for universities and higher education institutions around the world. 

The government

SEEKER has a comprehensive telecom network infrastructure solution, providing strong technical support and solutions for building a smart city and a more sustainable future.

Internet service providers

SEEKER has worked with Chinese Internet companies of high quality. Provide it with telecom spare parts management, for example,




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